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Connect to Database on Server: localhost

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SQL Query
SET @@sql_mode = ''

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Datastore Setup
SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('userstats','birthdaycache','maxloggedin','iconcache','eventcache','mailqueue','activeblocks','options','bitfields','attachmentcache','forumcache','usergroupcache','stylecache','languagecache','products','pluginlist','cron','profilefield','loadcache','noticecache','activitystream')
1SIMPLEdatastorerangePRIMARYPRIMARY50 21Using where

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SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('profilefield')
1SIMPLE       Impossible WHERE noticed after reading const tables

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Session Handling
SQL Query
FROM session
WHERE userid = 0
	AND host = ''
	AND idhash = '00bd93eb97c5d4c6cfb8849031967114'
1SIMPLEsessionrefuser_activity,guest_lookupguest_lookup51const,const,const2Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT languageid,
			phrasegroup_global AS phrasegroup_global,
			phrasegroup_holiday AS phrasegroup_holiday,
			phrasegroupinfo AS lang_phrasegroupinfo,
			options AS lang_options,
			languagecode AS lang_code,
			charset AS lang_charset,
			locale AS lang_locale,
			imagesoverride AS lang_imagesoverride,
			dateoverride AS lang_dateoverride,
			timeoverride AS lang_timeoverride,
			registereddateoverride AS lang_registereddateoverride,
			calformat1override AS lang_calformat1override,
			calformat2override AS lang_calformat2override,
			logdateoverride AS lang_logdateoverride,
			decimalsep AS lang_decimalsep,
			thousandsep AS lang_thousandsep
FROM language
WHERE languageid = 2

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SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('routes','profilefield')
1SIMPLEdatastorerangePRIMARYPRIMARY50 2Using where

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SQL Query
FROM style
WHERE (styleid = 3 AND userselect = 1)
	OR styleid = 3
ORDER BY styleid ASC

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SQL Query
SELECT title, template
FROM template
WHERE templateid IN (1703,421,476,477,479,480,481,482,478,1358,549,555,1310,551,552,553,554,900,1315,1313,1420,1051,0,0,429,423,422,1700,428,1694,1724,430,431,1688,737,1033,1414,1417,1415,685,1416,1049,0,0,1012,1014,707,708,1418,711,934,976,975,1025,977,534,533,537,1365,1322,1323,1342,1347,1343,1334,1349,1333,1341,1336,1344,1354,1340,1346,1357,1355,1356,1348,1352,1351,1337,1353,1338,1339,1345,1335,1350,1370,1409,1459,1458,1460,1472)
1SIMPLEtemplaterangePRIMARYPRIMARY4 89Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT template
FROM template
WHERE templateid = 1471

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SQL Query
SELECT template
FROM template
WHERE templateid = 1470

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SQL Query
SELECT thread.threadid, thread.title, thread.lastpost, thread.forumid, thread.replycount, thread.postusername, thread.postuserid, thread.lastposter, thread.lastposterid, thread.dateline, thread.views, thread.visible,, user.usergroupid, user.displaygroupid
FROM thread AS thread
LEFT JOIN user AS user ON (user.userid = thread.lastposterid)
WHERE NOT ISNULL(thread.threadid) AND thread.visible = '1' AND!='10'  AND thread.forumid NOT IN(3,51)
ORDER BY lastpost DESC
LIMIT 0, 15
1SIMPLEthreadindexPRIMARY,forumid,forumid_lastpostlastpost4 15Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT userid, usergroupid, displaygroupid, username, posts
FROM user AS user
WHERE posts > '0' 
LIMIT 0, 15
1SIMPLEuserALL    2410Using where; Using filesort

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End call of global.php: 0.089946031570435
SQL Query
	user.username, (user.options & 512) AS invisible, user.usergroupid, user.lastvisit,
	session.userid, session.inforum, session.lastactivity, session.badlocation,
	IF(displaygroupid=0, user.usergroupid, displaygroupid) AS displaygroupid, infractiongroupid
FROM session AS session
LEFT JOIN user AS user ON(user.userid = session.userid)

WHERE session.lastactivity > 1542629247
ORDER BY username ASC
1SIMPLEsessionrangelast_activitylast_activity4 18Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort

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SQL Query
SELECT forum.forumid, forum.lastpost, forum.lastposter, forum.lastposterid, forum.lastthread, forum.lastthreadid, forum.lasticonid, forum.threadcount, forum.replycount, forum.lastpostid, forum.lastprefixid, user.usergroupid, user.homepage, user.options AS useroptions, IF(userlist.friend = 'yes', 1, 0) AS isfriend,
	user.lastactivity, user.lastvisit, IF(user.options & 512, 1, 0) AS invisible
FROM forum AS forum

LEFT JOIN user AS user ON (user.userid = forum.lastposterid)
LEFT JOIN userlist AS userlist ON (userlist.relationid = user.userid AND userlist.type = 'buddy' AND userlist.userid = 0)
1SIMPLEforumALL    52 
1SIMPLEuserlisteq_refPRIMARY,relationid,useridPRIMARY9const,rolandviet_rlvn.user.userid,const1Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT contenttype.contenttypeid AS itemid
FROM contenttype AS contenttype
	INNER JOIN package AS package
	ON package.packageid = contenttype.packageid LEFT JOIN product AS product
	ON product.productid = package.productid 
	1 = 1 AND ( = '1' OR package.productid = 'vbulletin')  AND contenttype.cantag = '1'
1SIMPLEproducteq_refPRIMARYPRIMARY27rolandviet_rlvn.package.productid1Using where
1SIMPLEcontenttyperefpackageclasspackageclass4rolandviet_rlvn.package.packageid1Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT data, expires, locktime, serialized
FROM cache
WHERE cacheid = 'vb_types.types'

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SQL Query
SELECT data.tagid, data.tagtext, SUM(data.searchcount) AS searchcount
SELECT tagcontent.tagid, tag.tagtext, COUNT(*) AS searchcount
FROM tagcontent AS tagcontent
INNER JOIN tag AS tag ON (tagcontent.tagid = tag.tagid) INNER JOIN thread AS thread ON (tagcontent.contentid = thread.threadid)
WHERE tagcontent.contenttypeid IN (2) AND
	tagcontent.dateline > 1511094147 AND <> 10 AND thread.visible = 1 AND thread.forumid IN (3,1,2,4,5,51,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,17,16,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,29,30,31,32,56,57,46,50,47,48,49,33,34,35,36,37)
GROUP BY tagcontent.tagid, tag.tagtext
					) AS data
GROUP BY data.tagid, data.tagtext
ORDER BY searchcount DESC
1PRIMARYALL    120Using temporary; Using filesort
2DERIVEDtagcontentrangePRIMARY,id_type_user,datelinedateline4 160Using index condition; Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort
2DERIVEDthreadeq_refPRIMARY,forumid,forumid_lastpostPRIMARY4rolandviet_rlvn.tagcontent.contentid1Using where

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SQL Query
FROM navigation
WHERE state & 4 = 0
ORDER BY navtype, displayorder
1SIMPLEnavigationALL    41Using where; Using filesort

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SQL Query
UPDATE session
SET lastactivity = 1542630147, location = '/forum.php?explain=1', inforum = 0, badlocation = 0
WHERE sessionhash = '42592f44d5e26eda5bb8ee1fd5bf123c'

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