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Connect to Database on Server: localhost

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SQL Query
SET @@sql_mode = ''

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Datastore Setup
SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('smiliecache','bbcodecache','mailqueue','bookmarksitecache','options','bitfields','attachmentcache','forumcache','usergroupcache','stylecache','languagecache','products','pluginlist','cron','profilefield','loadcache','noticecache','activitystream')
1SIMPLEdatastorerangePRIMARYPRIMARY50 18Using where

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SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('profilefield')
1SIMPLE       Impossible WHERE noticed after reading const tables

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Session Handling
SQL Query
FROM session
WHERE userid = 0
	AND host = ''
	AND idhash = '9370492c7e074395e7727300c8b23841'
1SIMPLEsessionrefuser_activity,guest_lookupguest_lookup51const,const,const2Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT languageid,
			phrasegroup_global AS phrasegroup_global,
			phrasegroup_posting AS phrasegroup_posting,
			phrasegroup_postbit AS phrasegroup_postbit,
			phrasegroup_showthread AS phrasegroup_showthread,
			phrasegroup_inlinemod AS phrasegroup_inlinemod,
			phrasegroup_reputationlevel AS phrasegroup_reputationlevel,
			phrasegroupinfo AS lang_phrasegroupinfo,
			options AS lang_options,
			languagecode AS lang_code,
			charset AS lang_charset,
			locale AS lang_locale,
			imagesoverride AS lang_imagesoverride,
			dateoverride AS lang_dateoverride,
			timeoverride AS lang_timeoverride,
			registereddateoverride AS lang_registereddateoverride,
			calformat1override AS lang_calformat1override,
			calformat2override AS lang_calformat2override,
			logdateoverride AS lang_logdateoverride,
			decimalsep AS lang_decimalsep,
			thousandsep AS lang_thousandsep
FROM language
WHERE languageid = 2

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SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('routes','profilefield')
1SIMPLEdatastorerangePRIMARYPRIMARY50 2Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT IF(thread.visible = 2, 1, 0) AS isdeleted,

post.pagetext AS description,

FROM thread AS thread

LEFT JOIN post AS post ON(post.postid = thread.firstpostid)

WHERE thread.threadid = 1548

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SQL Query
FROM style
WHERE (styleid = 3 AND userselect = 1)
	OR styleid = 3
ORDER BY styleid ASC

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End call of global.php: 0.019804000854492
SQL Query
SELECT title, template
FROM template
WHERE templateid IN (431,430,1688,1691,1021,566,567,569,575,574,769,773,759,760,762,761,764,766,767,768,771,467,469,471,473,475,1312,827,828,829,826,896,747,746,748,753,751,920,528,529,695,522,521,524,525,538,536,1315,1313,1420,1051,0,0,429,423,422,1700,428,1694,1724,737,1033,1414,1417,1415,685,1416,1049,0,0,1012,1014,707,708,1418,711,934,976,975,1025,977,534,533,537,1365,1359,1360,1361,1362,1364,1322,1323,1366,1370,1409,1459,1458,1460,1472)
1SIMPLEtemplaterangePRIMARYPRIMARY4 96Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT template
FROM template
WHERE templateid = 1471

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SQL Query
SELECT template
FROM template
WHERE templateid = 1470

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SQL Query
SELECT  post.postid, post.attach
FROM post AS post

WHERE post.threadid = 1548
	AND post.visible = 1
ORDER BY post.dateline 
LIMIT 0, 10
1SIMPLEpostrefthreadid,threadid_visible_datelinethreadid_visible_dateline6const,const1Using where

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SQL Query
	post.*, post.username AS postusername, post.ipaddress AS ip, IF(post.visible = 2, 1, 0) AS isdeleted,
	user.*, userfield.*, usertextfield.*,
	icon.title as icontitle, icon.iconpath,
	avatar.avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(customavatar.userid) AS hascustomavatar, customavatar.dateline AS avatardateline,customavatar.width AS avwidth,customavatar.height AS avheight,
	editlog.userid AS edit_userid, editlog.username AS edit_username, editlog.dateline AS edit_dateline,
	editlog.reason AS edit_reason, editlog.hashistory,
	postparsed.pagetext_html, postparsed.hasimages,
	sigparsed.signatureparsed, sigparsed.hasimages AS sighasimages,
	sigpic.userid AS sigpic, sigpic.dateline AS sigpicdateline, sigpic.width AS sigpicwidth, sigpic.height AS sigpicheight,
	IF(user.displaygroupid=0, user.usergroupid, user.displaygroupid) AS displaygroupid, infractiongroupid
FROM post AS post
LEFT JOIN user AS user ON(user.userid = post.userid)
LEFT JOIN userfield AS userfield ON(userfield.userid = user.userid)
LEFT JOIN usertextfield AS usertextfield ON(usertextfield.userid = user.userid)
LEFT JOIN icon AS icon ON(icon.iconid = post.iconid)
LEFT JOIN avatar AS avatar ON(avatar.avatarid = user.avatarid) LEFT JOIN customavatar AS customavatar ON(customavatar.userid = user.userid)

LEFT JOIN editlog AS editlog ON(editlog.postid = post.postid)
LEFT JOIN postparsed AS postparsed ON(postparsed.postid = post.postid AND postparsed.styleid = 3 AND postparsed.languageid = 2)
LEFT JOIN sigparsed AS sigparsed ON(sigparsed.userid = user.userid AND sigparsed.styleid = 3 AND sigparsed.languageid = 2)
LEFT JOIN sigpic AS sigpic ON(sigpic.userid = post.userid)

WHERE post.postid IN (07531,7531)
ORDER BY post.dateline
1SIMPLEpostrangePRIMARYPRIMARY4 1Using where; Using filesort 
1SIMPLEavatareq_refPRIMARYPRIMARY2rolandviet_rlvn.user.avatarid1Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT data, expires, locktime, serialized
FROM cache
WHERE cacheid = 'vb_types.types'

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SQL Query
SELECT * FROM post_thanks AS post_thanks INNER JOIN user AS user USING (userid) WHERE post_thanks.postid IN (7531,7531) ORDER BY post_thanks.username ASC
1SIMPLEpost_thanksrangepostidpostid4 1Using index condition; Using filesort
1SIMPLEusereq_refPRIMARYPRIMARY4rolandviet_rlvn.post_thanks.userid1Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT threadid, title, dateline
FROM thread 
WHERE forumid = 20 
ORDER BY threadid DESC 
1SIMPLEthreadrefforumid,forumid_lastpostforumid2const8Using where; Using filesort

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SQL Query
SELECT template
FROM template
WHERE templateid = 1330

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SQL Query
SELECT template
FROM template
WHERE templateid = 1331

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SQL Query
SELECT text, languageid, special
FROM phrase AS phrase
LEFT JOIN phrasetype USING (fieldname)
WHERE phrase.fieldname = 'error'
	AND varname = 'error_postcount_too_low_attachment' AND languageid IN (-1, 0, 2)
1SIMPLEphraserangename_lang_type,languageidname_lang_type276 3Using index condition
1SIMPLEphrasetypeconstPRIMARYPRIMARY20const1Using where

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Time after parsing all posts: 0.062254905700684 Memory After: 4,159KB
SQL Query
SELECT thread.threadid, thread.forumid, thread.title, thread.prefixid, thread.taglist, postusername, postuserid,
	thread.lastpost, thread.replycount,
	forum.title AS forumtitle
	,post.pagetext AS preview
FROM thread AS thread
INNER JOIN forum AS forum ON (forum.forumid = thread.forumid)
LEFT JOIN post AS post ON (post.postid = thread.firstpostid)

WHERE thread.threadid IN (1541,749,750,1068,1201) AND thread.visible = 1
	AND forum.password = ''
ORDER BY lastpost DESC
1SIMPLEthreadrangePRIMARY,forumid,forumid_lastpostPRIMARY4 5Using where; Using filesort
1SIMPLEforumeq_refPRIMARYPRIMARY2rolandviet_rlvn.thread.forumid1Using where

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SQL Query
FROM navigation
WHERE state & 4 = 0
ORDER BY navtype, displayorder
1SIMPLEnavigationALL    41Using where; Using filesort

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SQL Query
	(sessionhash, userid, host, idhash, lastactivity, location, styleid, languageid, loggedin, inforum, inthread, incalendar, badlocation, useragent, bypass, profileupdate, apiclientid, apiaccesstoken, topxtab, topxmenu, topxresult)
	('acffc4e4d4da33c50c3cfd4c8b71cc2c', 0, '', '9370492c7e074395e7727300c8b23841', 1527475798, 'showthread.php?t=1548', 0, 0, 0, 20, 1548, 0, 0, 'CCBot/2.0 (', 0, 0, 0, '', '0', '0', 0)

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SQL Query
INSERT INTO threadviews (threadid)
VALUES (1548)

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